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In my acting community, we have a very similar concept called toxic friends. Actors tend to befriend other actors at a similar tier as they are: just starting out, guest stars on TV, leading roles in films, etc. But if all of their friends are bitter and spend all their time complaining about not getting auditions, not getting roles, not getting in front of casting directors, it can keep that person from moving forward themselves, because their outlook is clouded by the negative viewpoint of those around them. Sometimes, you have to remove the toxic friends in your life (who may otherwise be wonderful people) in order to progress into the next tier. I hope you're able to find a group of friends who are able to support, and not hinder, you as you move to the next tier in your relationships.

Matches Malone

Was brought to you by someone reading your book, and I find I've read and absorbed the entire thing by simply reading this post, Arden. I just got here, and I don't know how to support you other than sharing this with others right now.

I would like to know more about the pain that you show in the photo above, and if there's still a TFP in your future, I'd like to offer my photographic services at your convenience of course.

In conclusion, a small town just outside Redondo Beach, I would like to both show up AND enjoy the art.


It seems to be simple concept, but "paying attention" -- a concept propounded in Zen -- can be challenging and transformative. Further, the idea of gravitating to situations which will keep our "world intact" -- a pattern which can be extended beyond relationships to all life's endeavors -- is truly thought-provoking.

General Zod

I just recently learned of you arden. You are amazing. Such a fine beauty and such a fun, adventurous attitude. Some of your pics have a sexy dita von teese (or however it's spelled) element about them. You are a perfect argument for human cloning. I wish i could go to my local human genome store and get my own arden leigh!
Love ya babe!


Your blog is amazing, I love all content.


Your awareness and intelligence is incredibly attractive!

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