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Tee Reel

Well to offer a different perspective and to be perfectly honest I've never read your blog before but I find it very interesting and intriguing I'll touch bases on two things I read this post first off in regards to strata Compton I don't think the scene was intended to be mean or vindictive and the sexual nature would many people watching the film felt funny what is the origin of the phrase by Felicia which is become a generational catchphrase when referring to someone who is bothering you or annoying you/ The phrase was written by ice cube and used in the movie Friday in regards to the female crackhead that was always bothering ice cubes character - with the may found humor is in the scene was that this is the origin of that catchphrase The guys were not slut shaming the girl before me oral sex with the guys were upset about and with many may have found frustrating is when there with the woman and the woman significant other threatens them when the guy or guys have little knowledge that the woman had a boyfriend husband or fiancé / many men have been put in that position and is very frustrating and their situation to be a bunch of wrappers in a hotel room enjoying their time with a bunch of groupies and to have the groupies boyfriend coming with a gun threatening to softer what was interesting was to see the tables were turned being that the guys actually had more guns than the girls boyfriend - being that it was Felicia's unfaithfulness that put the entire group in harms way her punishment was to be kicked out of the party and embarrassed because of it The spring about the phrase by Felicia- not to say that it was right but just wanted to bring a different perspective on why many might've thought the scene was entertaining in regards to your loneliness I completely understand being that I've been a sex worker working you don't industry for quite some time now is hard to make connections with people and in general is hard to make connections with people/ you seem like a well-rounded person so I will make to you the suggestion of me to many women which is go out and actively approach and meet and talk to guys it's a numbers game if you talk to 10 guys get their phone numbers reach out to them I'm sure one and 10 will be somebody you can make an actual realistic connection with worst-case scenario if you don't… I'm always up and take you out to lunch in hearing more about your perspectives on life liberty and the pursuit of happiness either way take care yourself keep writing and keep in touch! The world famous Tee Reel


that great text.
I'm sorry to have to do it.
I wanted to say that I am just like you was until his 20 years, but fortunately I don't blame anyone for it only to myself, I hope that with your text I change and become more and more a better man.


i think you just spoke for many of us. and thank you.
i particularly liked the bit where you say that all the work youve done on yourself has actually narrowed you possibilities of finding a mate.
new age tells people not to accept anyhing less than perfect, and that if you become the perfect, embodied, gooddess you truly are, you will then find your god.
which seems to be leading to a lot of really frustrated women. esp middle aged women.
i think we're still stuck smack bang in the middle of the sexual revolution.....with fucked gender roles and a mysoginistic society.
hopefully future generations of men and women will finally be able to connect.
and hopefully....you and i and our girlfriends will be able to find some of the few funtional evolved Men out there.....

Arden Leigh

Re: #StraightOuttaCompton #ByeFelicia: guys, FELICIA didn't put the rappers in danger cheating, THE MEN WITH GUNS put the rappers in danger.



This is the first time that I'm commenting on your blog but I've read your work for a long time. I'm very grateful to you for putting yourself out there, and for articulating things that many of us are too scared to say.

I see how speaking your truth makes life difficult for you, but also how it cannot be otherwise. I've seen you evolve, and I completely understand how it would be a betrayal to yourself now to accept anything less than what you are prepared and able to give.

My heart goes out to you. Perhaps you can take comfort in the thought that this is not your end point. You will continue to evolve in ways that you cannot even fathom now, and you will get to a better place. I've had similar struggles myself, and I promise.

It gets worse before it gets better. But it does get better. Please believe that.


Dear Arden,

You should remain on this planet because you give people hope. And then you back it up with practical advice, help and support. Don't give up.



Dear Arden,

I've thought and long and hard about the comment I left and I think I did you a disservice, You asked 'I'm looking around me and searching for reasons why I should still remain on this planet.' And I answered in a way that was about us, not you. Why should YOU remain on this planet? Not for us, to give us hope like I said. For you. Because as crap as this world can be, there are also moments of absolute joy, or epiphany or even just fun. Because you deserve all the good things being alive in this life can bring. So sorry for my earlier comment, it was selfish. Thinking of what you do for all of us. You should be on this planet to get what joy you can from it. You are amazing.



I wish so badly i could do this but i can't see how it is possible to attract a mate in my situation. It seems overwhelmingly impossible.

Arden Leigh

Well, there are coaches for that.

Arden Leigh
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I'll be honest here. I hate women. I hate them because I can;'t get them and I have been rejected by them a lot. So I want to inflict as much pain on them as possible. But I'll go to jail. So I live my life and get my pleasure from other men who have raped and killed women or thrown acid in women's face. I'm not saying it's right but I'm saying that when I hear of these stories it makes me smile to know that men are striking back against female arrogance


"But until you step up and do the masculine counterpoint work to the work that I've done on myself"

Where is a good place to start looking for resources for that?

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