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Where does jealousy come from anyway?

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I completely agree with the points you're making in this article. However, and I'm by no means of an "expert", I do have one caveat regarding this topic. With most good/ trustworthy people cheating usually doesn't just happen from one day to another. You don't wake up one day and think "hey what a nice and sunny day, lets cheat on my significant other". As in any good seduction process, things usually brew for a long time, before the transition is made from grey area into black. You of course need to trust your partner not to put him/herself in that position or let it escalate to that point, but sometimes the stage is set before the person even consciously realises it. Add another ingredient (i.e. an explosive fight) and BAM the scales will tip towards infidelity.

What I'm trying to say is that sometimes jealousy can be a sixth sense, a bad omen if you will, in these kind of situations and not something to be discarded as an insecurity of some sorts or a sign that you have trust issues with your partner.

I'm by no means a jealous person and I think of myself as being pretty rational, but I once had to nip a situation in a bud where a girl, whom I believe, was "setting the stage" for my then boyfriend. He is a good guy and was just simply trying to help that damsel in distress out. But then she started to impose a wee too much for my liking. In that point in time I got jealous and my spider sense went off. Till this day I feel I made the right choice to act on my jealousy and prevent my well-meaning boyfriend to get sucked into something he would later regret. So surely not all jealousy is self-destructive? Whadyathink?

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