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Brittany Lund

Hi Arden - when are you going to write a book. I love the advice you give and the input. It really makes a woman feel like it is achievable. I'm interested in buying some of the books that you mentioned but I'd rather put some more money into hearing what you have to say. Is anything in the pipeline? Thanks - Brittany


Wow! This is amazing. You are so right it is totally about her expression and gestures. To the Marilyn in all of us!

Lara Dalch

Arden, LOVED this post! Just a reminder to all that we don't have to be "super models" to be captivating women. Thanks!

Arden Leigh

@Brittany -- I'm so glad you like the material! As a matter of fact I have written a book, called Whipped: A Professional Dominatrix Shares the Secrets to Wrapping Men Around Your Little Finger. It's still searching for a publisher to call home. Rest assured though that the moment it does, all the seduction world will know! :)

Talia F

I wouldn't say that Marilyn was only 20% looks, She had the goods to have a great starting point, for example is her eyes had been to wide apart or her body like a boy she wouldn't have been as sexy as she was. But you're right, there had been a lot of women more beautiful than her in hollywood yet she managed to stand out from the rest and that's exactly what you mean by personal branding.

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