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Fantastic article. Could not agree more.


I HATE the Cool Girl Rant! Other than burping (just don't) and being a size 2, I relate. I've always been this way, not faking, if men like it, great. Honestly, I think it speaks more to gender than posing. I've always felt comfortable doing "girl things" and "boy things" as culturally defined. I wonder if these same concern trolls would call out Janet Mock as a poser. I bet they wouldn't.

It's incredibly anti-feminist imo. Like "women loud during sex are performing for men" assertion. Fuck you, I'm louder all by myself. To be clear, if someone wants to be loud as performance, good. Not my business. Consent is the only standard by which I judge.

And although I agree with this post, I don't consider myself dom or sub. I like sex in most, if not all, of its varieties. Sex should be whatever consenting people want it to be. We should all be whomever we want to be, whenever we want to be. That's the bottom line. Thanks for the post. As you can tell, the "Cool Girl Rant" has bothered me for awhile. ;-)


"What you don't know, what you can't see, is what I do for you, I do for me."


Back when I was a bass player, the guys I jammed with were always *hoping* I'd be a Fake Rock Girl. They wanted ego feedings and blow jobs from me without feeling challenged by my talent or ambition. Then when I did turn out to be more talented and driven than any of them, they retaliated by telling me I was "not a real woman." I'm not supposed to win, apparently.

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