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I love your writing, Arden, and I absolutely agree with you. As I really have nothing to add, perhaps I can just formulate the vain wish that cynical guys might stop passing themselves off as being in open relationships and ruining the field (difficult enough to start with) for those who actually are. it's kind of funny, actually, because the obstacles to having anyone believe you are in an OR actually incentivize many people who are in real ORs to fudge the point or claim to be single. Personally I agree with you, integrity and being yourself are sexy, and if someone can't hack that, it's better just to move on. It's not that you have to wear a sign around your neck before you've even had a chance to gain someone's interest, but you do need to assume and be proud of who you are, if only (but not only) because that's all coming out pretty quickly in the wash in any case.

Thanks for retweeting my article on the Aquarian couple BTW! That was sweet of you.

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