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Be a Bitch and he will love you LOL...Nice.

Btw thx for using my photo! <3

Arden Leigh

Thanks for TAKING such a great photo! Let me know if theres a website or any additional info youd like in the photo credit.

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Joe E. Bushey

Sometimes you find a great woman, fall in love with her (and she seems to return the favor) then she gives lame excuses for why she can't see you and then stops talking to you entirely, WHILE promising to stay in touch.

Some women are just plain hateful and fucked up. In order to NOT be one of these women, you need to be brave enough to SAY that you're breaking up when you break up. That's like, a rule, bitch. Go ahead, manhate me, but at least TELL ME WHY.

Arden Leigh

Well, yeah, I absolutely agree with that. In the case I described, I offered to meet with the guy should he need any closure or have any questions, but he declined my offer, likely out of pride. (Im pretty sure he also knew exactly what he did that turned me off; wed had prior discussions about his drunken argumentative behavior not being okay.) Ive been on the other end of that scenario too, and it sucks. I had a guy once wait a YEAR to tell me that the reason he magically disappeared on me was because he was afraid I was going to go back to my ex (which I was not, and which I did not even after he left me). I was like, Uh, we could have addressed that problem with a very simple discussion had you alerted me to your concerns. So yeah, I absolutely agree with you. Everyone deserves an explanation.

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Nice post. I've definitely noticed an increasing (and alarming) tendency to paint all men with the same brush. I'm certainly not perfect and I've done my share of terrible things to women I've dated. But no one else is perfect either, and I've weathered plenty of bad behavior from women, including smart, together women who should know better. Point being, we're all trying to do our best, and no one should be forced to pay for the sins of complete strangers who just happen to share the same genitals/chromosomes. I do think that women have traditionally gotten the short end of the stick, but in 2011, the unkindness and poor manners cuts both ways. So, progress? Does it count? In any case, I wish everyone would stop being dicks to each other.

Christopher London

Ms. Leigh: Your mindset is beyond refreshing. Perhaps if more people not just women, were gaining your perspective I would be even more incredibly optimistic about the possibilities between the sexes. Your voice resonates with an earnest truth that is missing in much of the dating and romance guru's out there.....and the icing on the cake is that wisdom comes from the vantage point of a true feminine goddess. What passes for mainstream media advice is intellectual garbage. Toast to your expanding voice.

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