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Walter Sobchek

you mean paramount, not tantamount.

Arden Leigh

Youre right, I did mean paramount! Thanks for catching that one. ;)

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"The baldfaced desire for sex is an ugly thing. That's why seduction is so critical -- it allows us to smooth the edges around baseness of our desires and present them in a way that is tempting and palatable. Without seduction and the patience that necessarily comes with it, we are telling our targets that our desire for intercourse with their physical bodies is more important to us than their feelings about it. The simple, physical act of sex itself becomes the priority, when what ought to be tantamount is the mutually shared desire for sex."

I so wish I could pay for this to be the pop up advertisement on Grindr for a few days. It's unbelievably frustrating dealing with this kind of behavior. You'd think it would be self explanatory. Step one to having sex with me includes getting me to want to have sex with you. Even when one makes the game as easy as it can possibly get so many men forget that it is never a given.

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